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Friday, February 11, 2011

This was a great day for comics in 1942

It was on this date in 1942 that the Archie comic books were first released. They are still going strong today, what other awkward looking teeange guy could have two girls fighting over him for over him for almost 70 yrs? He must really be something! I remember reading these comics books as a child and my ten yr old loves them too, she has a large wicker hamper filled to the top with these comics and every time we find ourselves in the store, she is going through the magazine racks looking for a new edition. They have the original standar Archie comic and various other spin offs, including one for Betty and Veronica, who seem to be quite good friends despite the fact that they are competing for the same guy. Then there are the characters like Jughead,Reggie, Moose and Midge plus spin off comics for several other characters,the possibilities for the same type of story lines are endless, but they fascinate all the same, even if they are pretty predictable and kinda hokey. A little bit of America like we wish it was.

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