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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Excerpt from The Sara Chronicles Book 1- The Beginning

The sun was beginning to rise slowly up over the

mountaintops when the three weary travelers stumbled

upon a little side path. Sara turned off the path, hoping to

find a place to rest. She was startled to find that the path

widened considerably, and she heard the roar of a waterfall.

Picking up her pace a bit, Sara motioned to James and

Thomas to follow. They soon found themselves facing a

huge waterfall. The view was breathtaking, with vivid blue

water cascading down and turning to white foamy bubbles

that settled into deep pool. In front of the pool was

the largest spider web Sara had ever seen. Written in the

webbing were the words “Spider Falls.”

“Spider Falls,” Thomas read out loud. “Now I wonder

who did that.”

“I think that should be fairly obvious,” said James,

pointing to the rocks surrounding the waterfall.Sara and Thomas looked to where James was pointing

and found themselves surrounded on all sides by spiders.

Sara shuddered as she watched them scuttle around on

their long, spindly, hairy legs. There were thousands of

spiders of all sizes and colors, and all of them were quite

ugly. They were all crawling toward the trio with great

speed. A particularly large spider was at the front of the

advancing crowd. It walked straight up to Sara, and to her

surprise, began to speak.

“Rianna told us to expect you,” it said through lips

covered with spiky hair, its fangs clacking together as it

spoke. “I expect that you are exhausted from your night’s

journey. We have prepared a resting place for you.” He

hissed gratingly then turned his large head with its many

eyes, indicating that they should follow him.

Sara hung back, not willing to follow these ugly creatures.

She grabbed James’s and Thomas’s arms and urged

them to stay back with her.

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