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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Book #6 in progress

All was quiet on the surface of the worlds, as the very last living, non evil, life-form landed gingerly on the ground. The small brown bird was breathing heavily, thoroughly exhausted from evading the large dark mutant versions of its species, the ones that had eaten all the real birds days ago. Having had no trees to land on, the winged creature had been flying almost non-stop for days now; the small areas of brush it had hidden under from time to time were now gone and it sensed that death was near. No food, no safe places, and no other animals visible for weeks now, it was only a matter of time now, before it too, was gone.

Pecking at the surface in a vain search for any form of food, the tiny animal looked nervously around the barren field, preparing for attack from any direction. Too weak to attempt to take flight again, the bird glanced from side to side anxiously as it tried to find something to give it strength, a chance to survive. Scratching halfheartedly at the broken and pitted earth yielded absolutely nothing for the animal’s efforts; the dry rotten soil held nothing worth eating. All living nutrients had retreated far beyond the surface, well out of the creature’s reach and the dirt it had managed to break through with its beak tasted foul. The earth beneath the sparrow’s thin legs trembled beneath the weight of something very large moving a few miles distant and it stood still, small heart beating rapidly, waiting for whatever was heading toward it.

The scent of death and decay covered the earth and this one natural winged creature would surely attract a destructive evil entity soon. The presence of anything that wasn’t like the bad things seemed to draw them to it pretty fast; they liked to kill and could smell a pure object from miles away. As if to confirm its greatest fear, a flash of lightning appeared in the sky just a few feet from the animal, followed by a movement in the dark clouds above indicating that it had been discovered and something was rapidly approaching to claim it. As fast as it moved though, something else moved faster.

Before the darkness could approach, a shifting in the air sent a gentle breeze to ruffle the bird’s feathers and a shimmering white light settled over the frail form bringing a total change in the bird’s behavior. The tiny little brain housed in its skull was thinking very non-bird thoughts as another presence settled inside its small frame changing the manner in which it surveyed its surroundings.

The winged creature watched with interest the large hulking structures now standing in place of beautiful mountain ranges that had been here for thousands of years. The massive stone landmarks had all been crushed beneath the constant enemy assault to be replaced by buildings composed of crushed human and animal remains bonded together to form dull grey blocks piled hundreds of stories high. Instead of grey blocks however, the sparrow saw the shapes of all the dead things used to make them, and could identify each and every one of the lost lives, man, woman and animal within the square clumps that formed the structures. The names of the victims were all burned in the animal’s memory as clearly as the day they were created because the entity inside the bird had known them personally.
Still working on this-it's not finished- has no title yet, but is the second to the last in the series and explains a lot more about what's going on and how it's all going to end.

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