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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Excerpt from Book #3 The Return(the dark book)

She stood for a moment still looking at the white book, trying to wrap her mind around all that she had read. It was as if her mind had been asleep and now her memories were trickling back to her. Things were beginning to make sense, bit by bit. Idly, looking at the rows of tables that continued down the length of the room, a dark object two rows to her left caught her eye. She moved slowly down the aisle between the tables her fingers touching the smooth polished wood, until, at last, she was right in front of the dark thing. It was a book, but unlike any on the other tables.

This book was bound with a dark silky substance like fur or hair. She ran her hand over the cover and found that it was indeed human hair, clipped and applied to the leather. There were red letters on the surface, embedded in among the hair. She traced the letters with a shiver, the strange writing translated in her mind to read Tale of Evil and Lies. Sara pulled the cover open to look at the inner pages with a face twisted in distaste. Reading this particular book was the last thing she wanted to do, but sensed that it was necessary.

The pages of this book were soft and leathery, like some kind of skin. The words written upon them were dark brown in color and a strange pungent odor drifted up to her nostrils; it caught her off guard and made her gag. She had smelled that scent before, when a good friend was seriously wounded and she thought he might die. It was blood, old and dried, but it still had that faint musky sharp odor to it. She remembered the smell on her hands when she clamped them down upon his bleeding leg. It seemed like so long ago. James, the name popped into her head. Whatever had happened to him?

Shaking her head, she forced her thoughts back to the present time and focused once again upon the book. What kind of person would use blood to write a book? She didn't even want to guess what the pages were made of. Wiping her hands distastefully on her shirt, she looked down at the buttery soft pages in front of her. The words on these pages were disturbing, written by a person who was obviously very angry, the letters, deeply embedded into the supple pages as if whoever had written them were pressing the pen down hard. The tone of the tale was also very harsh and hateful. She read on, hoping to learn more about the book's author.

I am one of the most important beings to grace the world with his presence, were the first words in this book.

I was brought into this world, supposedly, by someone who feels that I am somehow less than he. This cannot be possible for I am an extremely powerful being. I know that he mistakenly believes that I am his creation, but this is merely a trick on his part. There must be some other explanation for my existence, I will continue to look for answers as to my true origin.

This being who calls himself Iam, seeks to keep me under his control. He tries at every turn to prove that he is greater than I. Even his underlings who are called Artregeans, don't pay me the proper respect. I know that he tells them to watch me and report everything I do or say to him. The words went on and on, mostly to explain to the reader how wonderful the author was and how much he despised this Iam. She got the impression that the writer was a male, for all the chest pounding language contained in this book.

He also detailed his struggle to break free from this other being and set up his own kingdom with an army of beings who thought just as he did. In other words, creatures that felt that there was no being greater than he and must be worshipped and obeyed without question.

The next part of the book was an outline of his plan to take down Iam by setting his servants loose on the unsuspecting population of the various worlds Iam had created, starting with the Land of the Keepers.

At this point in the book, the author finally identified himself by name. I Braccus have created a superior breed of being; I call them Garren, they will be my instruments in the destruction of Iam. They will spread the message of my dominance and bring down all who dare oppose me. This message went on for a few more pages and then the narrative changed tone a little bit. Whereas the first part of the book was confident and arrogant, the last few pages that she was able to read were quite whiny and full of self-pity.

I just don't understand why Iam doesn't just accept the fact that we are equals, that I could help him rule the worlds. I am so misunderstood. I almost felt ashamed the other day when he spoke to me about his willingness to forgive me and have me back in his graces. I still possess that one part that responds to his words; that one part that I must rid myself of if I am to be a successful ruler. To think that I should be susceptible to his manipulation is intolerable. I will remove my flaw and hide it away where no one will ever find it. He will not be able to use it against me ever again. Sara was pondering the meaning of these words as she read on.

The last paragraph was full of distain and anger once again, as Braccus mentioned the children. He sets children against me! Is he honestly foolish enough to believe that these weak little bodies stuffed with his moldy Keepers souls will be able to stop me? I will make them all suffer, none shall escape my wrath. Especially you! The words on this page grew large and distorted, as if they had been shouted. The page became hot to the touch and she jumped back as the book burst into flames.

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