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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Excerpt from book #3 The Return

Curiosity drove her to open the cover and start reading. Her eyes moved rapidly back and forth as she took in the contents of the large volume. Thick creamy white paper covered from top to bottom in neat script met her gaze. Though in excellent condition, the book appeared to be quite old and she turned the pages with infinite care. The paper crackled beneath her fingertips as she carefully parted each sheet. The information that this book contained was remarkable, and she found herself absorbing the words at an unbelievable pace.

In the Beginning, was the first sentence. She read on, and found herself lost in a tale of creation. The book chronicled the origin of several worlds, one of them was the Land of the Keepers. It mentioned other worlds too, she didn't recognize most of the names, but she was able to identify what most of us call the ordinary world, Earth.

There was a fascinating account of a battle between good and evil forces that began when a temperamental upstart named Braccus rebelled against Iam , an all powerful being. The author detailed the effort that Iam had gone to, to contain Braccus and his followers. He had initiated a group of guardians called the Keepers who maintained control in this land and some of the others. They did battle on a daily basis, sometimes right under the very noses of the unsuspecting residents of the various worlds. The Keepers assisted by the Artegeans, Iams elite guards, but only in extreme cases of distress. This struggle had been going on for a very long time, and most of the time, good triumphed. There were a few incidents where evil had actually begun to get the upper hand, but, as the writer explained, it was usually when the people allowed themselves to be overcome by their own selfish motivations. In other words, they had given evil a way in.

There was another name mentioned in the book, this name was familiar to her. Olie, she knew him. She had an image in her head of a tall handsome man with dark hair. She knew him to be very kind man, dedicated to saving his people. The book said that he was destined to keep the peace for Iam for a time, but that he would be replaced by another when the time for the final battle occurred. There was no mention of his replacement.

She read the next chapter very carefully, as it contained information regarding a special group of children each entrusted with the souls and powers of fallen Keepers. It was written that the children would be guided by the Keepers soul until they were strong enough to manage these special powers, then they would become part of Iam's army to defeat Braccus. These children, sorted in groups of three, shared a strong bond from birth, a bond that would identify one to another and allow them to work effectively as a team.

There were three groups of these children that needed to gather before the final battle took place. Sara's heart leapt as two names popped into her head, James and Thomas. These two were part of her three, and she was aware of three others besides her group. Visions flashed through her head, short snippets of things that she was sure she had seen or done. She saw herself controlling water, a tall dark haired boy playing a flute, and another boy with long dark hair moving objects without touching them. There was also a small blonde haired boy setting things on fire, and a girl named ….Alice? Something about disappearing and reappearing, like the invisible man. She saw a short dark girl throwing her arms around as trees and bushes grew around her. It was like watching a fantasy film, but it had been part of her reality.

The last part of the book spoke of Braccus and the need to find the instruments of his destruction, unfortunately, the words in the book began to fade away toward the end, and Sara was not able to read the last few pages. She was still looking closely at the pages, when the book suddenly closed with a snap, forcing her to back away quickly to avoid contact with the heavy cover.

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