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Monday, September 24, 2012

Alice meets Randall

Two cages down, she saw a shock of red hair, the figure beneath it, kneeling on the ground rolled into a little ball as Uglies looked on eagerly. Garbled voices filled her head.

Isn't that one of the most hideous things you have ever seen? An Ugly reached out a hand to rattle the cage in front of it. The movement caused the young man to scramble away from the metal enclosure and raise his head to stare defiantly at the long row of observers. The Ugly that rattled the cage flew backwards suddenly as a jolt of electric current passed around his body, he was lifted upwards a few feet before falling to the ground in a puddle of rubbery goo. A small smile formed on the boys pale lips before he too was flung backward, his body hitting the metal enclosure with a thud. He lifted his head and rose to stand, his body swaying for a moment before he fell to his knees.

Alice transported herself to his side, anxious to see that he was alright. She moved effortlessly through the narrow bars of the cage and knelt close to his side. The boy responded by turning his head slightly toward her, grey eyes looking straight into hers. His reaction startled her so much that she almost lost her composure causing a faint ripple in the air as her shield slipped. None of the other kids had been able to see her when she was invisible. The boy frowned, raising his hands, he created an arc of electrical current that zapped another four Uglies and melted them to mush as the fascinated crowd oohed and ahhed.

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