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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The sun rose and set, seasons passed. People got up in the morning, went to work, celebrated holidays, took vacations, and went about their daily routines. In short, life went on for everyone except a young golden haired girl named Sara. She slept as life continued for the rest of the world, unaware of the events taking place around her.

Four years passed, she got older, grew taller, and went through the changes people do as they grow up but she wasn't aware of any of this. She missed of all the birthday party's Rianna celebrated at her side as she sat holding her hand. Her lovely face remained relaxed and expressionless as her friends visited day after day, hoping that Olie had found a way to reverse the spell that Braccus, their mortal enemy, had placed upon her. Yet, after all this time, she still slept and as always, Thomas was there.

Thomas sat in a chair, sunlight warming his face as he stared at Sara's sleeping form. It was strange watching her sleep year after year. He knew that Olie had done the only thing he could to ease her suffering when he put her in this deep sleep. Her every waking moment would have been misery if he hadn't stepped in to help her. Braccus had invaded her mind and made it impossible for her to communicate with her friends. She couldn't touch them or listen to them without experiencing intense pain and nausea. Worse still, it seemed that she was absorbing the powers of the other children when she came in contact with them. She had been afraid and alone when Olie stepped in and placed her under a sleeping spell.

Olie said she was safe in this sleep state, she wasn't aware of anything, but Thomas wasn't so sure. He had been here at her side every day since she had been put to sleep. He had slipped in and out of her mind. He felt her in there. He could hear her sometimes, in the distance, just out of reach, and yesterday, the first time in years, he was sure that she had been aware that he was there. Just like the first day when she had pushed him out of her mind. He was also aware that there was something else there, lurking outside the edge of the protective barrier, waiting for an opening, an evil presence looking for a way to get to Sara's soul and destroy it. He was not going to let it happen, he was so close, he could feel it. He was going to have to get through to her soon before it found a way to break down the barrier.

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