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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Excerpt Book 2

Chapter 1

It was by all accounts a very strange day in the history of the community called Fairville. True, the weather had been a little unseasonably cool the past couple of weeks, especially for the month of May, but today it had actually snowed on the west part of town. What was even stranger was the fact that just a mile away from the snowstorm, residents reported temperatures to be at least one hundred degrees with bright sunshine and high humidity.

Driving between the two areas was very interesting to say the least, and officials of the National Weather Agency were dispatching scientists to observe the phenomenon. Several reporters from various news agencies were also rushing to the area to record the weird weather activity.

There was talk now of other strange weather incidents that had been occurring in and around the area for about six months, incidents that the residents had been able to reason away until this extreme event. Little things, like rain that fell on only one city block and not in any other part of town; and the time that fog filled the area around the local school, but nowhere else.

The local weatherman had attributed all this to atmospheric changes caused by the ocean current due to their close proximity to the sea. Blah, blah, blah… No one understood a word he had said, but went along with it because he had to know what he was talking about, right? He was, after all, the weatherman.

So now, the town was becoming an area of much interest to several important national agencies and the normally small population was about to increase dramatically in a short time.

It was all everyone talked about now. For whatever reason, they were now to become celebrities, known for living in the town with the funny weather. The town buzzed with excitement at the imminent arrival of all these important people.

There were two people in town, however, to whom the excitement did not extend. These two people, a young girl and her guardian, had just arrived in town six months ago and had settled in to enjoy the relative peace and quiet of the town, when these events began to take place. And frankly, they were not happy with the sudden interest shown to their new home.

The young girl, a small blond child named Sara, and her guardian Rianna had moved to Fairville six months ago in order to make a fresh start. Sara had lived a very traumatic life for her first twelve years on earth. She had been placed in the care of a very unsuitable family, the Finklesteins, and they had treated her very harshly.

Shortly after being rescued from that miserable household, she was transported to a strange place that was in the middle of a terrible struggle between good and evil. She soon found out that she had special powers and was part of a trio of children who were needed to help correct the balance of power so that good was dominant once again.

While in this land, she met her two close friends, James and Thomas. Together, they helped the powerful Olie to banish the evil Garren, who had terrorized the people there. It had been a very strange time; emotions had been high, ranging from fear one minute to pure joy the next.

Unfortunately, while they were able to heal many people of the evil sickness on them, and turn some of the Garren to the good side, there were still many of the Garren loose in the land of the Keepers as well as some people who refused to be healed.

It was for this reason that the three children were sent to separate areas to live. The Keepers were afraid that the remaining Garren and their helpers would try to harm them if they were too easy to find. Sara missed them a lot, but she was able to feel their presence in her mind.

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