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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No more raw fish for me

I pride myself in being able to eat most things, I will at least try to be different when ordering from most menus. I love fish, so today, being as we are on vacation, we found this nice little grille that we decided to stop at for lunch. I ordered the yellow tuna salad, when we got it, we found that it was seared on the outside and very pink on the inside and let's just say that I was willing to try it even though I had my doubts. Let's also say that I am awfully glad that these people will never see me again. First of all, the look on my husband's face was priceless, something like a horrified "What the hell is this," but bless his heart, he didn't say anything, just started to eat. I started mine as well, but he just looked so miserable that it set me off on a fit of giggling that I couldn't seem to stop. I managed to regain my composure after a minute but my daughter and husband kept making comments about the raw fish. I laughed so hard that tears were coming out of my face and I started to gag. I couldn't take another bite of that fish, it suddenly tasted way too slimy. I just coudn't help it and was suddenly very glad that I lived in another state, because I couldn't go back there, I's be too mortified. My husband managed to finish all of his salad, while half of mine remained on the plate.

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