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Saturday, February 26, 2011

On this date in 1924

It was on this date in 1924 that Adolf Hitler was placed on trial for the charge of treason because of his attempts to overthrow the then ruling party. It is interesting to note that because of his growing popularity and effectiveness as a public speaker (I say this not with admiration but with a mild interest how such an evil being (sociopath) can entrall gulible people and pull them into his web with a great media package, so to speak)was able to admit his guilt, was sentenced to 5 yrs in prison, only served 8months and was released on parole. It was while in prison that the sick bastard( pardon the language) was able to write down his ideas in book form and make plans to carry them out. Ever heard the song Cult of Personality by Living Color? This is a living example of what a strong personality can achieve, unfortunately his was used for evil rather than good and it always amazes me that there are people that can't think for themselves, are willing to believe everything they are told do what they are told even to the point of killing so many innocent people. So upsetting, so disturbing and in many places; this still goes on in the name of so many causes and so many belief systems; also convinced that what they believe is right and everyone else is wrong and therefore evil, sounds pretty stupid when you break it down like that doesn't it? GOD help us all, save us from ourselves.

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