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Saturday, January 1, 2011

things I am proud of over the past several years. I worked hard on all these books. I don't fit the general requirements for most literary agents I have discovered, my books are all over varying lengths, too short for some, too long for others, covers don't have anything to tie them together, they al look different. Sometimes I use big words, what else....storyline sounds similar to rags to riches type story. But in the end, I still get high ratings and good reviews because a good story is still a good story and that makes me very proud. When someone reads one of my books and wants to know what happens next I know that all that time I sat in front of the computer(I write almost every night) was well spent. I am so very critical of my own stuff, constantly going over the same chapter over and over again to see if I used my words effectively, to check and double check that I was consistant with the storyline. I have to compete against so many thousands of books out there and I don't want to do it by a certain criteria, I want to do this my way because that's the only way I can. I want to create something lasting that can be enjoyed by lots of people and so I am proud of what I created and I'm showing it off here.

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