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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

So Once again, Happy New Year. My fourth book came out about a week ago and is on kindle and all that. Great invention, saves on paper and all that, but I still love a solid book in my hand. Can't think of too many things I want to change, not abig believer in making New Years resolutions, people make these things with high hopes and can't seem to make the changes last more than a week or two. Big pet peave, weight loss resolutions, hear it every year beginning in Nov when people start eating way too much and complain that they are eating way too much. If you arre awre that you are eating too much food and it makes you feel awful, then don't do it! I don't want to hear that you will go and exersize more because the fact is you may start a program but will not stick to it. I have been exersizing for so many years now it is just a habit and it makes me feel good, but I don't want hear new and enlightened workout tips from someone that will only stick with it for a month or two at best. Many well intentioned people will jump into new things with great zeal and then never follow through, it is so annoying! So if you are going to do something, do it for yourself, don't make it public knowledge, it almost always dooms it to failure because you are ususually doing something that you think is expected and your heart really isn't in it. I love to run, it's a solitary sport, don't brag about it, but I get great satisfaction when I look good and can make it further than those speed sprinters that burn out quickly. I do it for myself and that's why it works. I lift weights because I do it for myself and that's why it works well. Point is, anything of great value to you is best enjoyed privately, by all means share it from time to time, but don't always put it out there for public display if that's all you're doing it for; this only takes the enjoyment out of it and makes it more likely to be a passing phase. Forget the resolutions and just live the way you would like to every day. If you want to make a fresh start for a new year, great, make it for yourself.

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