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Sunday, January 16, 2011

On this date in 1989

I was looking up events in history on this date, which by the way is my husband's birthday. I noticed with interest that today was the day that the USSR announced plans for a manned 2 yr voyage to Mars. Looked on several sites and couldn't find the result of that ambitious project. I mean the cost of that, of course would be enormous and then there's the people that would have to endure such a trip, 2yrs in space. But I really wanted to find out what happened with that, looked through alot of sites before I gave up, but I did find that between us and the USSR, we each made progress in catching images from the surface of this planet. There was Phobos I and II, Mariner,Viking I all of which were successful, to certain extent in obtaining enough information to give us an idea of what the surface of this planet is like and help us to form theories about whether or not it once sustained living things. There are theories that water once graced its surface, but now all that can be found is a lot of dust and carbon dioxide, all very fascinating. I guess everyone has a need to find the answers to something just beyond their reach; the endless need to solve a mystery or the thrill of knowing there are still some mysteries out there to make us tingle with excitement at the possibility of something greater than what we now know.(like what SPAM is really made of, just kidding!)

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