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Saturday, January 15, 2011

According to the new zodiac

According to the new zodiac chart, I am now supposed to be a Taurus. As I read the description, I totaly disagree with the idea that I have been reclassified. First of all I am nothing like the description of a Taurus, which is that I am stubborn, well maybe they got that part right; but it also said that I am very materialistic, which I am not and very much out to impress others with what I have, which I am not. I went back over my original sign which is Gemini and I fit that almost to a tee. Not that I believe any of us fits any standard type to the letter, we are all unique and fluid human beings who constantly evolve due to our experiences. But my overall personality is more like the twins, maybe it's just because I was told that was what I was because we weren't counting that particular constellation at the time and as such did not acknowledge its affect on out lives. hmmmmmmmmm, something to think about. Anyway, I hate to burst anyones bubble, because I don't believe that my destiny is written in the stars. I haven't read a horoscope yet that even came close to how my days went and the vague scintilating promises of my bright future for the month never came to pass either so I have to conclude that, either I am the exception to the rule of accuracy, or they don't mean a thing.

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