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Friday, January 21, 2011

Judged to be not liable for her actions on this date in 1994

The two people in this picture will go down in history for a pretty unique and horrifying event. This woman cut something off that the man valued pretty highly and threw it in a field. Luckily for him, she had second thoughts and alerted the authorities to its location. After a nine and a half hour surgery, the valued part was reattached and the whole world got to hear all the details of their disfunctional marriage. The woman Lorena Bobbit, who will go down in history for bobbing it off (much like the popular name for a short haircut) and the man, John Bobbit, will be remembered for all the stupid things he did afterward; like trying to make a porn career for himself and being in a band called the Severed Parts. Then there were the several arrest for theft and, oh yes, domestic abuse upon different women. Loraina was also later arrested for domestic abuse against her mother but the charges were dropped. Oh you wild and crazy kids!

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