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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I couldn't really find anything I wanted to talk about today, even this date in history didn't give me much to discuss, I go for the unusual and dynamic stories of the day. All that caught my eye was an article about Princess Sarah Ferguson wearing a paper sack over her head in 1994 during and airplane flight, hardly the actions of a person wanting to avoid attention, I should think the paper bag would attract far more attention then say a hat or a wig, but anyway, this led to my finding out that she accepted money from an undercover agent to sell an introduction to her ex husband for whatever reason they wanted to meet him, all kinds of things were implied in the story but I couldn't exactly make out why this was illegal, immoral yes, but not illegal, they weren;t pressing charges of any kind, more just trying to publically shame her. Give it a break, really? Anyway, lost interest pretty fast after that. Still working my way through chapter 8, not sure I like the way its going and will probably change it a whole bunch after I finish saying what I want to say. But here's one thing I do know, after reading a critique, I will not write anyone else's way; I will not cut the wording down, I do not feel that explaining events in the story takes too long and will make people lose interest, that is not the message I get from the readers, and I can only do this my way and I think it works just fine. Here are some images from outerspace which sometimes is prettier than inner space, GOD made some beautiful constillations etc... they look like some impressionists paintings, cool hunh? Done rambling, got to go back to creating my wordy act of fiction. Have a great day!!!!

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