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Friday, November 19, 2010

on this day in 1863

I was looking up famous events for this date and I found that this was the date that Lincoln made his Gettysburg address to commemerate one of the final great battles of the civil war. He made the speech at the Soldiers National cemetary in in Gettysburg, PA. I remember vividly having to memorize and recite this speech in history class. Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation...... I won't try to fill this page with the little I do remember, but it was a short and powerful speech. Short, I'm sure was appreciated because the guy that spoke before him Edward Everett spoke for 2 hours; who can speak for 2 hours, better still, who can stay awake for 2 hours to listen to him speak. Anyway it is rather ironic that the short speech is remembered so well, while the 2 hour speech is undoubetdly written somewhere and carefully stored to mold in some library. Anyway, at the risk of typing too long a comment, it was an interesting point in history. One of the pictures I found was of Lincoln in the middle of a crowd just before making his speech, it kinda reminded me of a candid shot one might find in a gosspi magazine; see the famous guy among the ordinary people.

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