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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dream vacation?

How would you have liked to have been one of the passengers on the stranded cruise ship. Three days onboard with 4,400 other people, no working toilets,no running water,no cooked food sounds like fun doesn't it? Almost makes one consider swimming for shore. I did go on a cruise once years ago, followed the Florida coastline and when to Mexico, I can't say it was all bad, the ship was beautiful but it was just that there were so many people occupying the same space as I was and it was just so much standing in line all the time. We stood in line to get on the boat, we stood in line to get meals, only going to the large formal dining area once. We were on vacation and didn't feel like getting dressed up for dinner, so we went to the smaller dining areas. We stood in line to get back off the boat to get on other smaller boats to go to shore for land trips, the large ship only docked once while we were on the actual cruise, etc, etc... you get the idea. I would have been happier just going to Jamaica for a week, that part was nice. It's just that vacations should be for relaxation and all that standing in line watching the backs of complete strangers heads was losing its appeal after day 2. So I imagine that the stress factor was increased ten times under the conditions these poor people had to endure. Well, things happen, but all in all next time I bet alot of them just fly to their destination.

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