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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Anti-Smoking Shock Tactics

I'm a little bit devided on this issue. I have seen first hand the suffering that people go through when faced with a serious respiratory issues. Some of these are the direct result of smoking and I can tell you that a large number of those suffering from these illnesses continue to smoke despite the fact that they are aware of the cause. Some people have even been known to smoke with oxygen tubing in their nose, seen it. I agree that people need to be aware of the risks they face when using products that can be harmful to their health, but having said that, I also realize that some people, no matter what you say to them regarding risky behavior, will continue to do what ever they want. I do not make a point to be preachy to these people, what good does it do to point out that they caused their own illness when they can barely breath. Treating them like that would be akin to telling them I don't care about them because they did it to themselves; that is both useless and stupid. You do the best you can, education sometimes works but, more often than not, most will opt to continue doing what they want until they kill themselves from it. Where do we stop "educating" people by pulling out the holier than thou card and telling them they screwed up and showing some compassion for what they are going through. I guess the point is I understand both ways of thinking on the subject and I'm not sure either side is 100% correct. I would have to see more than a few anti-smoking ads assuring me that these scare tactics work, cause from what I've seen that approach only makes people dig their heels in the dirt and refuse to consider the message. Undecided but watching........

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