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Thursday, September 23, 2010

oldest man in the world

This is the world's oldest living man he turned 114 this week, his name is Walter Bruening. When asked how his life was on a daily basis, he basically said it was pretty much the same from day to day. I guess that's because part of being alive is planning, looking foward to what you will be doing or working towards somethiing you want to be doing. Doing a task with the expectation that you will see the fruits of your labor in some way is a driving force for doing what we do, be it work, artistic endeavors, but even if you have lived a long fullfilling life, you have to ask yourself, if you have been a alive 114 yrs, what are you thinking about, probably not about the future, mostly about the past; things you've done, people you've loved. It's a bit of a contrast here; on one hand it's great to have lived so long, no one wants to give up life, but on the other hand it's got to be very lonely and confusing to be in this rapidly changing world with values that are going down the toilet.Just a thought that sprang into my head.

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