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Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't ever forget that these were real people that died,when someone tells you that it's okay to slap the people of the United States in the face with a symbol of a religion that (even if it was perverted by an extremist organization) is blantantly set up so close to this tragedy. If those people who think it is such a good idea to set up this mosque in New York want to convince us it is not an extreme insult and they are just doing it to get us to understand their religion.If they were truly interested in bringing love and unity to us as people, then they wouldn't be doing this at all. Love and understanding doesn't come from forcing an issue that you know will upset every single one of those people that lost loved ones in those buildings. I know of no other country that has been forced to put up with the constant disrespect that Americans have suffered throughout the years in the interest of appeasing other countries, beliefs and cultures. We can't even defend ourselves any more from people that come in illegally and demand they be given the same rights and privialges as citizens, while not contributing anthing to the country that they enter and spit upon. Heck, they can even protest in the streets and burn our flags, while using and accepting our medical care and other services as if it were their due. Now we can't even be upset about the fact that yet another entity has decided to act with no regard for common decency.Offending the fammilies of the fallen is a tasteless provocation for violence and had nothing to do with your belief. If you want us to believe that your religion is not what the extremist paint it to be, be different and act like human beings that respect the feelings of others.

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