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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book #6

I have tentatively titled my 6th Book Into Darkness We Go- Up above and Down Below- Too long? Not sure yet, taking more time with this one. In the 6th book I have Braccus in control of all the worlds surfaces with all the good guys hidden below. The Keepers and the few remaining good souls have retreated to underground caves with every evil thought that Braccus ever had- entering the dead and dying bodies of those that thought they were safe. As a result, some of the refugees, without realizing it, are about to serve as Braccus' instruments of destruction. When the life finally does leave the bodies, the good souls stayed behind, not realizing they are truly dead, until the evil parasites that latched on to them force them out. What is left is a shell- that at first mingles quite well with their living couterparts until the decay becomes noticeable and then they attack. The battles occur all over the 7 worlds- as corpses try to create more corpses. The evil can only enter the dead or dying and after awhile, their current body becomes useless, destroyed by time;it rots awayand a fresh one is needed. The Keepers have to travel from world to world through the only portals still open to them- helping people who do not know or trust them. All in all, the situation becomes quite interesting. While they are engaged with the enemy in the living world, Sara, James and Thomas- having died- are traveling in the afterworld-looking for;the object that will bring Braccus down. This book is more detailed than the others with more and more of the Keepers history being revealed. You have to read the previous books to have an idea of who's who, but it answers alot of questions and I hope, continues to prove entertaining.

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