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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Book 4- Transporting to a small island

Franklin, Finola, Randall and Eric stood together, their four bodies barely fit on a small patch of grassy land that stood out like a zit in the middle of the ocean. The wavering amber light had dumped them here, growing smaller and smaller in a matter of minutes, finally snapping shut with a popping sound that made them jump. Roughly twelve feet by twelve feet, the island, actually it wasn’t even big enough to qualify as an island, looked dismally small in comparison to the vast expanse of water around it ; its unwilling transplants stood, too stunned to speak for a moment, a moment that ended soon enough.

“Why did we leave,” Randall yelled as he turned to face Franklin, not caring at the moment that they had been transported to this strange place; that was becoming an every day occurance lately. He advanced toward Franklin, forcing the younger man to the island’s edge. Water sloshed onto Franklin’s shoes, his feet sliding down a narrow strip of pebble strewn sand before he recovered and leaned back inward to face the red haired man in front of him.

“You heard what he said,” Franklin yelled back. “Olie said that Sara had to die to finish this whole thing. They want to sacrifice her to get rid of Braccus, I am not about to let that happen to her. I knew something wasn’t right today. They were so secretive, trying to get us to move apart, not telling us what they were really up to. You felt it too didn’t you,” He asked with his hands raised, shoulders shrugged as he gestured questioningly to his three companions, trying to convince himself as well as them that he had done the right thing.

“I heard,” Randall answered. “But. I don’t think they were going to kill her. Maybe he meant something else, but now we’ll never know, will we? You don’t really think they would give her up to Braccus do you; if so, you are less loyal than I gave you credit for. We only have that rambling warning sent to you by this Thomas, are you sure he knew what he was talking about? ” He paused to stare at Franklin expectantly, whose complexion paled at this comment and he wasn’t able to maintain eye contact; his gaze straying to the ground at his feet.

“You’re right,” He murmured softly, his eyes raised to reveal a bewildered expression. “What was I thinking? It’s just that Thomas sounded so convincing; he was so sure that they were going to do something to Sara. It was Thomas, I am sure of it. Wasn’t it Finola? I just don’t understand what this all means.” The consequence of his hasty action suddenly hit him and he felt sick to his stomach. Thomas message had been so erratic, maybe they hadn’t gotten it all right, maybe he had lost the battle with Braccus and had given into the evil side he had mentioned; no, it couldn’t be possible. He had been in a lot of pain, maybe he wasn’t thinking straight, there had to be some kind of logical explanation for this.

“We should have stayed and listened to what they had to say. As it is, we have no clue what we are supposed to do next. Alice’s missing and so are Sara and her circle-mates. Now we are told that we are supposed to find two more people, not one to complete our circle, I never felt that at all, did you Eric?”

“No I didn’t, but Olie said it too, so I’m guessing it must be right. There was something strange going on. I mean, I find it kinda hard to believe that you two would turn on the Keepers like that, leaving before Olie could finish his sentence. I thought you knew them really well.” Eric was forced to sit down suddenly as the heat from the sun began to affect his sensitive skin; without Alice’s shields to protect him, he was quite vulnerable to its damaging rays; he didn’t feel so well right now. Hot, humid weather dinky little island exposed as it was to the full heat of the day and nothing but miles and miles of endless blue ocean equaled torture for his pale skin. Despite all that had just happened, he hadn’t been outside his cave long enough to build up an immunity to the outside elements.

Finola let out a startled cry as she fell to her knee beside the pale boy. Raising her arms up, she summoned a small palm tree, which took up even more of the already limited land mass; they were forced to crowd around the tree to stay away from the water. Touching his face, she soothed the sunburn and looked anxiously up at Franklin.

“Why did we leave anyway? I know what I felt when we were in the room with them; for some reason I didn’t trust them. I was reading something negative into everything they did, now I wish we had stayed because I’m not really sure what happened. Not sure why Thomas said what he did, he couldn’t have meant it, maybe we misunderstood him.” She shook her head as she recalled his urgent message. “After that, I was looking in to the eyes of men that I would have trusted my life with one minute and fearing they would kill me the next. I was just so sure that they were plotting against us, ready to put us out into the field and let us fight while they ran away. But that can’t be right, can it?” She asked, wanting someone to offer her certainty when there wasn’t any left.

The hurt expression on Olie’s face haunted her, she couldn’t believe things had happened the way they had. Then when he said that Sara must die in order to see this thing through, she had picked up an image of an exit from somewhere and then it was just there behind them. The next thing she knew, Franklin was throwing up a wall of fire and urging them through the portal. She was so sure that they had been doing the right thing by leaving, but now she was afraid that they had done something incredibly stupid. The Keepers were protectors of all that was right and good and they were merely students; students that had suddenly turned against their teachers. What a mess this was; how where they ever going to get back to Olie’s island now?

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