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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Work in progress

Still working on book #6- no title comes to mind yet. I added one last character- who is the exact opposite of Vincent. Don't want to give too much away- but the plot is getting rather complicated and, with the holidays being filled up with activities haven't gotten as far as I wanted to. The story keeps asking me to write it so, at some point, I will figure this whole thing out. A lot of tragedy to think about lately too, all the sensless violence that seems to get worse as time goes by. Makes me just sit back and shake my head at how pointless it all is. I think we should all do ourselves a favor and ignore the news. The media is really starting to treat life like their own reality show: each network vying to  see how much garbage they can bring up to either predict trouble or give that special sick someone the idea how to out outdo the other sick someone that just made the headlines. Here's to hoping for a little bit of sanity in the coming year. Going to concentrate on only the best things possible for everyone.

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