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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The third circle

The symbol for the third circle is the sun-
The third circle's members are Eric- who is able to manipulate sound to protect himself and his friends- this is a useful gift in battle because he can bring his enemies to their knees with deafening noises and take sound away so the groups approach is silent, enabling them to sneak in to an area. Randall- a young man who can control electricity- effectively shocking his opponents with a strong current of energy. Vincent- one of the most special Keepers, because he can kill with a touch- and he doesn't even have to do the touching (unfortunately, this particular power also isolates him from his fellow Keepers also because they can also be killed when coming in contact with him)- Vincent is sort of a split personality- he is the only Keeper who is not complete even with his own group- Vincent has another half- a soul he lost long ago that has a gift that will make his own terrible power more bearable and help him completely connect with the other members of his circle. This Keeper does not appear until Book #6- Currently in the works .

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