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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Sara Chronicles

The three circles must come together to heal the lands and rid the worlds of Braccus' existence. Each member of a circle is a Keeper who shares a matching mark; one circle bears the mark of the star, the other a moon, the third the sun. Each member becomes aware of the other by the marks they bear. At first invisible, the marks begin to turn dark and get quite warm when they get close to someone in their circle. Knowledge of each other is instant after they meet, sharing visions of all they experienced during their lifetimes as their individual souls follow the thin thread that connects them all. The connections, along with the special gifts they all have are all part of the creator Iam's plan for his worlds.
Seven worlds were made, all in their own dimension. The worlds are connected by portals that only appear occassionally with the assistance of those gifted enough to open them and pass through. Each world is different, with strange and beautiful creations suited to the particular environment.
I have created a series that covers a struggle carried on for thousands of years, involving souls that exist in the present and the past each with their own special gifts to contribute to the struggle.

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