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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Excerpt Book #2

“So we meet at last,” the boy said in a voice so beautiful that for a moment she just wanted to stand and listen. He could have said anything at all, it didn’t matter—she would have done whatever he asked, his voice was so mesmerizing. But that brief moment didn’t last. She took a good long look at this object of perfection as he stood preening before her. He was gorgeous with his lovely pale complexion and curly black hair that would have made many a young girl stare googly-eyed in admiration. His pearly white teeth glowed in the bright lights that flickered all around them. Bright green eyes gleamed as he watched her studying his fine form, satisfied that she was suitably impressed with what she saw.

Her eyes closed for an instant, and when she opened them, it was as if she were looking at a different person altogether. It was as if she were seeing him from the inside out, looking deep into his soul, and his soul was a very ugly thing to behold. The beautifully sculpted face was now shriveled and pitted, with worms crawling from his rotting skin. His teeth were crooked and yellow with a thin, forked tongue that flicked out as he breathed. Those lovely cupid bow lips were rotted pieces of flesh flapping loosely from his face. His hair hung about his head like pieces of dirty black yarn, and a foul odor hung about his gangly skeletal frame. She gagged and quickly plugged her nose, unwilling to breathe in the stench a second longer. It was an instinctive act on her part. She hadn’t meant to mock him by doing it, it was just that he smelled so darn bad, she couldn’t help it.

“Who are you,” she asked with her fingers still holding fast to her nostrils. Her words sounded strange, almost comical, with her nose all pinched together. He was scary all right, but truly, all she could think of at this moment was how bad he stunk.

Her reaction caught him by surprise. He was not used to being looked at with revulsion. He had always been able to make people see what he wanted them to see, but this girl looked as if she wanted to throw up at his feet. That would have been just fine if fear prompted her actions, but he didn’t feel that at the moment. All he felt from her was distaste. That very realization made him absolutely furious. It made him so mad, in fact, that he acted a little faster than he should have. He had wanted to play with her a bit, make her suffer. Now all he wanted to do was destroy. “I am Braccus!” he said loudly, straightening his small body to appear taller. His reedy boy voice suddenly changed, becoming deep and gruff. He smiled slowly when he saw her shiver and draw back a bit. Now that was fear, and he really enjoyed that reaction.

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