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Friday, August 31, 2012

Alice explaining her powers to her companions Book 2 The Sara Chronicles

“Speaking of powers, Alice, what happens when you go invisible,” Sara asked, looking at her curiously.

“Well, I just become like nothing and I feel kind of sick. But it feels good too. Because then the other kids can’t make fun of me. I can see all of the embarrassing things they do when they don’t think anyone can see them, like picking their noses and digging their underwear out of their butts.”

Alice blushed when Olie and the others laughed out loud at this. Then she laughed too. “But it freaked them out and they treated me worse, because now, not only did I stutter but I could do weird things. So I was careful to explain it away and not ever do it in front of them again. But I could see things, do things. I could almost be their friend when I listened to their conversations. I could be a part of their group without them even knowing it. You don’t know how many times I went to the mall with the popular girls and shared their secrets. I knew them as well as their best friends did. But it gets very lonely being on the outside, and I started to get angry at them. I wanted them to know me, to treat me with respect, to be nice to me. That’s when I started to play some tricks on them.” She paused with a frown. “I took some of their things, and I left them in strange places. I pushed them and caused them to fall. They thought they were just clumsy. I felt myself getting meaner and meaner, and it scared me. That’s when I stopped doing it. Because I just knew something bad would happen if I kept it up. Something very bad. I still didn’t have any friends but at least I started to feel better about myself, and at least my grades were better than theirs. I could do something with that, I could get some of my self-respect back. The next day, I was standing in the kitchen helping my mom put up groceries when poof, I just disappeared. Then I found myself standing in front of a little old lady who fainted right in front of me after she screamed loud enough to burst my eardrums.”

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