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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mountain Dew

I was reading an interesting article on the site. It was the popular mouse or rat in the can story, you know, guy gets soda can, it's heavy, has something in it, he open the can up to find a dead mouse inside. Of course, it is assumed that the mouse fell in during the manufacturing of the substance. Guy shows everyone the dead mouse and sues the Pepsi company, makers of the product, Mountain Dew, by the way (see attached pictures) and the company fires back with a defense that states, it is not possible that the mouse fell in at the factory, because the contents of the can would surely have dissolved most of the mouse while it sat in the can, (ewwwww) So you soda lovers, which is a nasty-teeth rotting, sugar rush habit by the way, high in calories (me throwing in my two cents there), be aware that you could be drinking mouse slush too, but don't worry about that, worry about the fact that it can errode a solid substance, like also maybe your esophagus or stomach.

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