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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Book Four

Book Description

Life Will Never Be the Same in the Land of the Keepers...

As the nefarious Braccus consolidates his armies of evil, the forces of good are in disarray. Unity among the safeguarding Keepers and the ones they are sworn to protect is elusive, and each of the critical groups of three is struggling to find each other-and stay alive. That's just the way Braccus likes it. With unparalleled strategic skill, he's managed to make evil the dominant power in the worlds. Bizarre races of the horrifying creatures he controls are wreaking havoc on the innocent villagers, killing them for sport or turning them into Braccus's slaves. Good has been relegated to the shadows. What's more, change is afoot among the Keepers and their students that could directly impact the livelihood of everyone in the worlds-change the Keepers are powerless to prevent. Meanwhile, Sara, James and Thomas are facing their greatest challenges yet. For one of them, it will mean actually merging with the evil scourge; for another, a hideous prophecy foretells certain doom. But all of them must race against time if there's any hope for saving the innocents of the worlds from Braccus's eternal rule. Can they accomplish their tasks before it is too late? Offering plenty of the excitement and intrigue for which the series is known, this fourth entry in The Sara Chronicles won't disappoint.Show More
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