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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today in 1973

Richard Nixon responds to comments made regarding his part in the Watergate scandal (the secret taping of conversations in the oval office as well as other governmental offices to use as leverage in the political arena) and his part in the cover up that followed. There was alot more going on, alleged harrassment of governmental officials and activist groups who did not agree with or caused problems with Nixon's administration. All of ths came to light after 5 men, allegedly at Nixon's request, broke into the Democratic headquarters bent on sabotage of some kind. There was also the fact that his vice-president resigned because of charges of bribery,fraud, tax evasion, etc.. while he was govenor of Maryland. Nixon was trying to defend himself against the alligations that he had any part in ordering or planning the break-in or covering up said crimes. History in a nutshell. Nixon resigned Aug 9, 1974.

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