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Friday, April 8, 2011

newest review for book 4

First of all I recommend you read these all in order....they are all a fast and good read, but I was given the 4th book and attempted to begin it without knowledge of the previous 3...but within a few chapters it became apparent I needed previous knowledge. So setting the book down I delved into the previous 3 novels and by the end I was surprisingly itching to get back into the 4th book. L. Hughes held my attention for an entire week (ya I was a bit of a psycho reader) and I found her books innovative and enthralling. Jump into the series to be transported to another world.

Once you reach book 4 the battle forges. Life in constant battle is examined here and moral is on the breaking point with everything coming to a head. Mistrust and secrets are at the root of the chaos and confusion...There are "Keepers" who are controlling but why? As with people in power, they always believe it is for the people they are controlling's own good. I don't want to give their reason and justification for the secrecy away...The Keepers have various roles and purposes: mentors, trainers, etc. The fate of this book centers around the decision of one person and what sacrifice they are willing to make. With characters playing mind games the intensity of the book presses on....will the battle end here?

This 4th installment will keep the reader glued until the very end. L. Hughes writing style will peak and hold your interest...and leave you wanting more. She is beautifully skilled with her words and is able to make them transform the page and ultimately the story. So far I am very impressed with L. Hughes: Sara Chronicles series!

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