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Monday, March 14, 2011

on this date in 1950

On this date in 1950 the FBI first started it's TopTen Most Wanted list- posting the pictures and defining characteristics of the fugitives they were having the most difficulty capturing. The concept was first mentioned in a 1949 article in the Washington Daily News entitled "FBI's Most Wanted Fugitives Named." The article got such a positive public response that it was soon officially made a list and the agency kept a log book to record and track progress on capturing these fugitives, a practice that was used from 1950-1991. One of the first group of Top Ten Fugitives was a man named Henry Rudolph Mitchell whose criminal career started in 1924; wanted for crimes ranging from forgery, grand larceny, violation of narcotics laws,breaking and entering,and bank robbery, he has the distinction of being the first man to escape arrest and to be dropped from the list (his picture is shown above)

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