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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How remorseful?

Watching this kind of thing just makes me wonder how much is remorse and how much is
"I am just tired of being in prison." I am sorry that he feels so bad (not really) because in the end, the result is the same a man is dead. The victim was cheated of his life, why do people always forget that the victim didn't ask to be a victim, he had the right to continue to live his life without being shot in his own home. So when we are talking about rights, why is it that some people only seem to mention the rights of the accused? Then people bring GOD into it at some point. I believe in GOD but I also believe GOD does expect people to pay for the crimes they commit, and if it comes down to a life for a life then maybe they should give what they have taken away. The death penalty, when the crime is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, is often kinder to the criminal in the way that they get to leave this world than the way the victims were forced to go, and it amazes me when people object to a murder paying in kind for his crime. More often than not, people are released in a shamefully short period of time for killing another person and that places a very low value on the life of a human being.

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