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Saturday, March 26, 2011

1st review for book 4

The Battles Continues On!, March 23, 2011
By Amy Willingham (Irvine, CA) - See all my reviews
(VINE VOICE) (REAL NAME) This review is from: The Sara Chronicles Book Four: Chaos, Confusion and Changing of the Guard (Paperback)
In `The Sara Chronicles Book Four: Chaos, Confusion and Changing of the Guard' by L. Hughes the battle continues on in the next chapter of good vs. evil. With the loss of one of their own, sprits of all in the groups are low in the never ceasing battles but it only takes one thought of mistrust thrown into the pool to cause a ripple of mistrust. The Keepers have been mentors, some family like figurers, and others just support for these young children thrown into a battle for their lives, for the innocent and for this world which they must protect at all costs. The Keepers have kept secrets from the groups, but was it to protect them or to hurt them? Would you feel the same way knowing that your real parents have been dead for longer than a hundred years, and that you were kept `young' for this upcoming battle? It is also revealed that one within their group must sacrifice themselves to save them all, or everything will be lost. With Braccus playing his skillful mind games, sending in fearsome creatures that terrorize the local villagers and trying to obtain Sara at the cost of the lives of the members of the other groups it seems that nothing will stop him. But Braccus does not stop with only Sara for he is in a day and night battle with Thomas, who can feel the darkness claw over every inch of him. Is Thomas strong enough to face this battle alone without his companions and will he be able to push the darkness away from him and survive? Can the other group members really trust what their eyes are telling them when a lost mentor suddenly reappears to them in a time of crisis, or is it another trick to gain their trust just to destroy them? Will their power be enough to put an end to it all? Will the battle continue on or will it all be over? Will the sacrifice have to take place? To find the answers to all of these questions you have to pick up a copy of `The Sara Chronicles Book Four: Chaos, Confusion and Changing of the Guard' and find your own path to truth.

The fourth book that dives into the world of the Keepers will not disappoint fans who have been following the series from the begging. Filled with action and twists in plot that keeps the pages turning, makes it a wonderful read for young teens looking to escape to another world into a battle to save not only a mysterious place but themselves.

L. Hughes has a wonderful descriptive writing power that makes it very easy to imagine the places and the creatures that she creates within her world. She also shows us the true power of friendship, companionship and flat out plan goodness in others while no shying away from the evil that does lurk around corners.

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