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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who remembers this book and movie?

This was a good book- I only watched parts of the movie, truly moving;and all that comes out about the whole experience for most people was the fact that they ate dead people. I mean all that these people went through;that they had to consume human flesh to survive in that cold barren atmosphere kind of marked them for life. I know that's a redundant statement, since the death of friends and family will obviously change your life forever but living through it was just the beginning. These people did something desperate in a desperate time and since they were fortunate enough to live through this it must have been very difficult to explain to people that weren't there why they did what they did, especially to the families of the people that didn't make it. It was like surviving one nightmare only to have to go out into the public and be the subject of many grusome inquiries, in a way the court of public opinion was in session. I don't know what made me think of this event today because it didn't come up in anything I was looking at, it just came to mind and madde me remember some things.

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