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Monday, January 10, 2011


I get so intent on writing that sometimes I forget to keep up with the blog. Since writting is my second job, I do alot of it when I get off from my day job. I try to skin along with the news but usually I am plotting out a new chapter and painstakingly working through the story to make sure it all works well together. I wish I was as good at putting my blog together as my husband is, but unfortunately I am not as focused on it as he is. His is very good and he has lots of followers because he is also very opinionated, in a good way. So anyway, I am working my way through a chapter on the afterlife and how to work my characters through it and still make sense. I think I always leave myself enough of an opening to carry the story through to another level. Don't write myself into a corner, always leave a way to change direction when it's needed. Book 5 is totally different than the others, in a way that each is different than the one before, with me building on the characters and situations. Hope it is enjoyed.

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