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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Tonight's 5th grade homework assignment was to look at a topographical map of the united states and fill in letters to a crossword format by answering questions regarding the original 13 colonies. After about an hour and a half of trying to help my poor 10 yr old decipher the barely legible map and finding that the correct answers did not fit in the spaces made available for them, her wanting to cry and me wanting to bang my head against the wall, we had to finally resort to making whatever word we could find on the map that might fit the spaces and call it good. I was so angry because we even resorted to using our ask search for the answers only to find that we were right, the correct words did not fit. My poor child was saying it was real easy for the other group to answer them, I asked how could they have possibly answered these questions; she replied, "with the help of the teacher and by looking it up on the internet." The paper clearly states at the top- Using the information you have learned in this section and other reference materials complete the puzzle. That would imply that the information was obtainable from her book or papers provided wouldn't it, wrong, wrong, wrong. Something was definitely missing from this equation. The question of the day should be is who in the world is writing these textbooks and what are they smoking!!

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