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Friday, December 17, 2010

This picture made me laugh

Had a rotten day today, so when I saw this picture it was good to be able to laugh. Something about the way he is hamming it up and the ugly getup, just tickled me. Got some more good reviews but sometimes I just don't know how to take some of the comments, for instance I keep getting compared to Harry Potter, I know what it is but I have never read the books really, I did speed watch the movies because I had a friend who did and wanted to take me to one of the movies and I was trying to catch up, but to be honest; beyond the main three characters, I don't remember much about the whole thing. Not that she isn't a fantastic author, she must be to have such a huge following, It's just that I don't copy. Main basic Cinderella type story that has been told over and over maybe, but with many different twists and turns all of which came from my own head. Very difficult sometimes when you realize that you are taking a chance putting things out there and everything is subject to someone else's oppinion, they were nice reviews though, so I don't know what I have to complain about. I guess it's nice to be compared to someone so successful.

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