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Sunday, November 7, 2010

protective packaging

I really do understand why the manufacturers of medications feel that they have to secure their product in safety packaging. I'm sure it gives the purchaser a sense of security to see that the medication had not been tampered with; although having a bunch of foil and paper between you and the pill doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't tampered with before it was sealed (just throwing a little what if into the mix- remember the Tylenol incident in the 80's)yes I know it was not done at the factory, but she resealed it pretty darn well. I also realize that the packaging is meant to discourage theft, though my theory is if you are really determined to steal something, someone will find a way to make it possible. My whole problem with the packaging is that I purchased it legally and now, when my sinuses are really hurting and I need the sinus medication, I have to break into the product (because that's what it feel like when I am trying to get a hold of that small piece of stiff paper that is covering the foil part that I must break to get to the pill)and I am having so little patience with the totally logical reasons they placed it there to begin with. Perhaps when my face feels better, I will feel reasonable and understanding again.

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