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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interesting subject for the day

I was watching a program on the history channel this morning regarding prohibition, and it occured to me that, we as well-meaning people in general, seem to believe that we can impose our own standards of living on others. If you have a bad habit, as some people see it, then we sometimes take it upon ourselves to fix that habit for you. I have seen it many times, especially in the healthcare field and this is how we understand it, there are certain people that have a weakness, in regard to dealing with life in general and will use whatever substance is available, legal or illegal to deal with their problems and will use that substance regardless of popular oppinion. True, they will lie and try to come with a socially acceptable reason for the use, or they will just lie and pretend that you can't tell that they have drugs, high alcohol level etc... in their system (from their lab work), it's always some kind of mistake. Same with smoking people will swear they can do without it for a day or two, then be itching to get outside to smoke while they have oxygen up their nose. These are just examples of what most people call vices, anyway to make a long, maybe pointless story short- these people; well all people in some regard, will do what they want to do and will only stop doing it when they decide they don't want to do it anymore. You can't make a person change unless they feel they need to change and history shows that sometimes pushing harder for what you feel is good for others, despite what they feel is good for themselves; will only get you shoved back. Try to understand, give them the info that you feel you need to and then let them decide. Done rambling, just thought it was an interesting comment on human nature

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