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Friday, November 26, 2010

Good morning

Just saw this in the vintage advertising site and thought it looked interesting. Wonder if anyone would buy one of these things at this particular point in time. I know several people who are going to the black friday sales today; personnaly I avoid the stores like a plague today. It spoils the holiday spirit thing to see people rushing in to fight over items on sales. Maybe they're not fighting, maybe they're really civilized about it, but it doesn't seem worth what I might save to me. But I will be looking online to finish the rest of my shopping, maybe after I get off work today. I like it so much better when I click a button and they deliver it to my house. I hate shopping in stores. I am a speed shopper, even with clothes, see it, know my size, grab it throw it in the cart. No lingering in dressing rooms etc.... I usually do much better that way and I am in a better mood later. Good luck to everyone that braved the stores, hope you get some really good deals.

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