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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

on this day in 1892

This day in 1892 marked the end of the Dalton gang who couldn't have been very smart to begin with. When you see movies about the notorious outlaw gangs of the 1800's they are romanticized with all kind of noble characteristics, downtrodden robin hood types that resorted to a life of crime out of desperation, highly intelligent and daring. Well from I read, they were seriously lacking in these qualities; chosing to rob 2 banks in 1 day in a town where they spent a lot of time, enough to be readily recognized despite an attempt to disguise themselves with fake beards. Robbing one bank while standing in front of a large plate glass window where they could be easily seen from the street, tying their horses in an alley where it would be difficult to reach, should they, out of necessity need to make a quick get away. Needless to say they were unsuccessful, and as the picture shows, townfolk were happily posing with their bodies later that day. Just caught my eye and I like to post things that catch my eye. Have a good day!

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