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Monday, September 20, 2010

I really needed these at work today

I really needed this pair of shoes today, if they work as advertised, i could have clicked my heel together and magically transported myself back home to the safe and friendly environment I enjoy so much.Instead, I got to stay and do things like pretend I didn't feel like screaming at some totally obnoxious and ungrateful individuals who lacked the most basic manners required for dealing with people. Apparantly the man felt that it was alright to talk to me like he talked to his wife, which wasn't very nice, except he was totally mistaken in his thinking. #1 I am definately not related to him and #2 I don't have to put up with that garbage from him. Needless to say the conversation was ended quickly with me being a little bit blunt but not as rude as I wanted to be. Public relations and all that. Shake it off and start again, this is me dumping it all on the doorstep and enjoying being home now.

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