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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Drive ins

Who remembers the drive in- Not so popular anymore- though I did see that there are some still open. They were at their peak of popularity in the 50's but I remember going quite often when I was little and I was born in the 60's. The big screen (usually B movie) and the speaker that clipped to your cars front window frame (sometimes it worked any sometimes it didn't). But the coolest thing was sitting outside on a summer day in a lawn chair- because it was way cooler to sit in a lawn chair than in your car- and watching a movie on that big screen. The charge was sometimes by the person and sometimes it was a flat rate for a carfull of people. There was always someone who tried to save money by sneaking people in- tucking them out of sight in the back or if you can believe it, sometimes in the trunk ( I actually did see that once)Of course times changed and for the most part, the drive ins were phased out- viewing time was cut down by the time changes at certain times of the year,weather was a big factor in your motivation to go out and see a movie outside, avialability of movies at home, etc.. but there still is something so nostalgic about the drive-in.

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